Each company and every network have different service needs. Whether needs be local, remote, metropolitan, or global, we strive for effective communication to clearly understand corporate objectives and then to identify the specific milestones to accomplish the objectives. After specific milestones are clearly identified, we strive for continued communication through the implementation stages. After deployment, we strive for follow-up communication, ensuring corporate objectives are continually being met within all networks and services.

In our fast-paced information age, managing sundry business needs is a real challenge--accentuated when solutions are ever changing. We have facilitated corporation's profitability needs as we have accepted this challenge. Services currently being offered:


Cloud Computing/Co-location Offline storage and recovery, virtual server deployment, system and service monitoring, and application deployment that corporations can access on demand (utility services) as well as provides software as a services (SaaS).


Dashboard/Remote System Monitoring Extremely capable dashboards showing what matters most by utilizing alerts, graphs, reports, and templates which work with almost every browser type providing an agile, thorough, and complete picture of all systems.


Data Protection/Business Continuity Easily managed web-based console and consolidated repository allowing restoration from a local SAN, from a remote office, from the Internet cloud, or from any hardware or software stack.


Security/Secure Data Transfer Encryption, authentication, authorization, and other resources to address the increasing complexites and attack vectors. We assist in establishing effective security measures and help define what security levels are appropriate.