If you are on a plan that requires you to enable ActiveSync before you can setup your phone, please follow the steps below to activate ActiveSync for your account.  If it is already setup, you may skip to Step 4 and setup your phone.  If you have any questions as to whether you need to enable ActiveSync first please contact your email administrator.

    1.  To add ActiveSync to the user you will need to first login to our control panel and select the Users Page.

    2.  Next you will need to click on the drop down the users actions menu and select ActiveSync.



    3.  On this screen, click Enable ActiveSync.  You will then be returned to the users screen and ActiveSync will be available to you in a couple of minutes.



The remaining steps must be performed on your Handheld.

    4.  From the Homescreen on the Android Phone or Tablet, press the Menu Button and go to:
        Settings -> Accounts & Sync Settings -> Add Account -> Microsoft Exchange
        NOTE: On a Motorola Droid this is Settings -> Accounts -> Add Account -> Corporate -> Manual Setup

        The image below will vary from device to device.



    5.  Enter the exchange server settings in the appropriate fields.

Email: <your_name@<your_domain>.com
Server: mail11.myoutlookonline.com
Domain: sh11.lan
Username: <Provided by your email administrator>
Password: <You should know this>

    6.  Ensure Use secure connection (SSL) is checked.
    7.  If available, check the box for "Accept All Certificates".  Click Next.



    8.  Your device will now try to connect to the Exchange server using the details entered.



    9.  Once the connection is successfully created, you will be prompted to select the data to sync with the server.  Then press finish setup to complete the process.